Brief Introduction to College English Department

College English Department has a teaching team of 48 experienced and young promising teachers, including 14 professors and associate professors and 34 lecturers. The Department includes The First College English Teaching and Research Office, the Second College English Teaching and Research Office and Postgraduate English Teaching Office. In recent years, the teachers in the Department have published 8 works and over 130 papers, and working on 5 research projects subsidized by the provincial funds, 6 university research projects and 23 research projects of the School.

   The Department has established a student-centered concept of education, and the teaching management has been regularized and improved. The Teaching Guiding Committee of College English Department was established in December 2003, and so were the Education Reform Leading Group of College English Department in March 2004, the Teaching Management under Teaching and Research Office in May 2005, and the Leading Committee of the College English Reformation in June 2005. Under the leadership of these organizations, the Department has been making great efforts to update college English teaching. In December 2003, the Department launched the initial teaching reform, grouping the students into Class A and Class B and establishing the process-evaluation. In 2004, the three aspects of College English teaching were emphasized: namely teaching beliefs, teaching patterns and the evaluation system, to further improve the students¡¯ integrated ability in using the foreign languages. In 2005, an inspection and evaluation system of classroom teaching was set up. In 2006, the college English teaching reform won the first prize in the university. College English course was recognized as the modal course by the university in 2008 and by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province in 2010.

Now, College English Department has a stable teaching team, an established management system, and the better teaching environment which guarantee the English teaching for the undergraduate students. In this way, the teaching quality is gradually improved, and the pass rates of CET-4 and CET-6 are becoming higher and higher year by year.


   The Postgraduate English Teaching Group consists of 6 experienced teachers, among whom there is one professor and five associate professors, all of them having obtained their master degrees in TESL. Three courses are offered, that is, Basic English Course, Oral English Course and Academic English Course, to meet the needs of the postgraduates¡¯ English learning. The postgraduate students can have class in either Class A or in Class B according to their English level. The teachers are either from the English Major Department or from College English Department. The Postgraduate Basic English Course was awarded ¡°The Excellent Course of Jiangsu Province¡± in 2010, and the three university-based teaching reform projects have been carrying out for the improvement of postgraduate English teaching.