Brief Introduction to College English Course

College English is a compulsory curriculum for non-English major students. The course includes the required comprehensive English at the basic stage, and elective courses at the advanced stage such as language skills, language application, and language and culture, its total credits are 16, 4 credits for each term.

   The comprehensive English course, a compulsory one, is offered for non-English major students in Grade One and Two, the main contents of the course include the language knowledge and practical skills of English, learning strategies and intercultural communication. The elective courses offered at the advanced stage are prepared for those who have passed CET-4 ahead of the schedule, aiming at further enhancing studentsí» ability to use English in a well-rounded way and improve their general cultural awareness. The courses include Advanced English Viewing, Listening & Speaking, Practical English-Chinese Translation, Practical English Writing, Business English, English for workplaces, English Movies, Secretarial English, A Guide to English-speaking Countries, A Cultural Journey to Europe, Cross-culture Communication, etc.