Brief Introduction to English Department

   Since its establishment in 1985, the English Department in the School has experienced several major reforms and rapid leaps. Every step, from purely a single teacher-training major before 1998 to the present multi-faceted school-running model, signals the energy and vitality of the Department. Keeping up with the times has always been considered a priority in the development of the Department so as to make itself continually adapted to the demands of national and local economic construction and development.
   Currently, the Department provides three specialized areas: English Teacher Education, International Business Management English and Applied English Translation. These programs aim to cultivate the applied interdisciplinary talents to be qualified in interpretation, translation, international exchange, business management, project management, education, teaching and the like. At present, there are altogether more than 600 full-time students, and 33 full-time teachers, including 4 full professors, 13 associate professors and 16 lecturers. And among the teachers, 3 hold a doctorí»s degree, 7 are Ph.D. candidates, the others hold a masterí»s degree. In the past three years, the teachers in the Department have made much progress in their scientific researches. They have published 12 books, including compiled works, textbooks and translation works, and over 100 papers; they are now working on 1 research project subsidized by the national funds, 3 research projects subsidized by the provincial funds, 15 university research projects and 8 teaching reform projects of the university, over 10 teachers have won different awards from Jiangsu province, Suzhou city and the University, or from the relevant professional associations and societies.
   The students from the Department have won many prizes or awards in the provincial or university English competitions or í░Cultural competenceí▒ competitions. Every year, quite a few students from the Department are admitted to prestigious universities at home and abroad for their postgraduate stud. In the past three years, the average pass rate of TEM4 in the Department has been above 85%, surpassing the national average pass rate by more than 20%; the average pass rate for TEM8 is 60%, surpassing the average national pass rate by nearly 10%. Over the years, the Department has cultivated or trained a large number of qualified middle school English teachers and other English talents for the country and local areas, and its graduates, with wide job choices and strong adaptability, are acclaimed by enterprises and public institutions.