Name: XU Xiaoqing
Sex:  Female
Title:  Professor
Degree: M.A. in TESOL

2005/08~2006/02: visiting Scholar, University of Leeds, the U.K.
2003/07~2003/08: teacher trainee, University of Oxford, the U.K.
1998/08~2000/05: postgraduate student, Saint Michael’s College, the U.S.
1985/08~1986/07: graduate student, Department of Foreign Languages, Anhui University
1981/08~1982/02: teacher trainee, School of Foreign Languages, Nanjing University
1978/08~1982/07: undergraduate student, Department of Foreign Languages, Anhui Normal

Teaching work: (courses offered)
Introduction to English Linguistics, Advanced English, Graduate English, College English, etc.

Research work:
(1) More than 20 papers published:
8 papers on SLA, 10 papers on ELT, 4 papers on English novels, others on teacher
(2) Six Textbooks compiled:
4 textbooks on college English courses, two textbooks on graduate student English courses
(3) Four major projects conducted:
1 on English majors’ interlanguage, I on English majors’ learning differences, 2 on English teacher education



Name: Shi Huifeng
Sex:  Male
Title: Professor

   Born in Beijing in December 1957, Shi Huifeng graduated from Henan University in January 1982, where his major was English language and literature. After graduation, he went on to Beijing Foreign Studies University, Northeast Normal University, Central-China Normal University and George-Fox University of USA for further studies. Since 2005, he has worked in Suzhou University of Science and Technology as an English professor.
In his thirty-year- teaching career and research work, Mr. Shi Huifeng has taught Intensive Reading, Phonetics, Grammar, English Literature and American Literature, etc. He has published two translation works:Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T.E. Lawrence (Tuanjie Publishing House, Beijing, 2003) and Hermeneutics of Poetic Sense: Critical Studies of Literature, Cinema, and Cultural History by Mario J. Valdés (China Renmin University Press, Beijing, 2011 ), over thirty research papers and several textbooks. His research work mainly includes English and American Literature, Comparative Literature, English-Chinese Translation and web-based CALL Teaching. During his career life, he was awarded many times for his great contributions to teaching work and several times for academic achievements by provincial and municipal governments.



Name: GUO Fuqiang
Sex:  Male
Title:  Professor
Degree: Ph.D.
2003/09~2006/07: Ph. D. candidate, International College of Chinese Studies, East China Normal University
1991/09~1993/07: postgraduate student, School of Foreign Languages, Central South University
1987/09~1988/07: visiting scholar, School of Foreign Languages, Southwest University
1982/09~1985/07: graduate student, School of Foreign Languages, Jinggangshan University

Courses offered:
Translation from English into Chinese, Translation from Chinese into English, Contrast between English and Chinese, Advanced English, etc.

Research work:
   About 30 academic papers published, several research projects funded by Jiangsu Province and USTS conducted, covering different areas such as translation theory studies, translation teaching, and contrast between English and Chinese languages.
More than 15 books published, including one academic book and two textbooks such as:
1) A Contrastive Study of Parataxis and Hypotaxis in Chinese and English (1st edition, 2007)
2) Theory and Practice of English-Chinese Translation (1st & 2nd editions, 2004 & 2007)
3) Theory and Practice of Chinese-English Translation (1st edition, 2009)



Name: ZHU Ping
Title: Professor, Deputy Dean


Visiting scholar (University of Texas at Austin, American Literature)
Post-doctoral(English Language and Literature, Nanjing University)
Ph.D.(Comparative Literature and World Literature, Shanghai Normal University)
MA (English Language and Literature, Shanghai Normal University)
BA (English Education, Hefei Teachers’ College)


Courses offered: Essential English, Advanced English, A History of British Literature, A History of American Literature, Academic Writing, Business Writing, etc.
Research interests: 20th -century and contemporary British and American Literature and Culture (with concentration on Saul Bellow);
Papers and books: published 40 papers, 1 course book and 1 translated novel (by C.S. Lewis)
Research projects: 7 research projects at national or provincial level. (finished or in progress)



Name: Zhang Shunsheng

Sex: Male

Title: Professor

Degree: M.A. in Linguistics


2005/102010/08: visiting scholar, School of Foreign Languages, Soochow University 1996/101999/06: postgraduate student, School of Foreign Languages, Soochow University

1983/081987/07: undergraduate student, Department of Foreign Languages, Soochow University

Teaching work: (courses offered)

Western and Chinese Translation Theories, Advanced English, Chinese-English Translation, English Graduation Thesis Writing, Suzhou Gardens Appreciation, etc.

Research work:

   Born in Siyang county, Jiangsu Province in 1963, ZHANG Shunsheng attended Soochow University in July 1983, majoring in English language and literature. After graduation with a bachelors degree in July 1987, ZHANG first worked as a middle school teacher. In 1996, ZHANG went to Soochow University to work for an MA degree in linguistics. In 1999, he went to work in the Department of Foreign Languages, Suzhou Railway Teachers College as a teacher teaching such courses as Conversation, Intensive Reading and College English. Since 2001 when Suzhou Railway Teachers College merged with Suzhou College of Urban Construction and Environmental Protection, he has been working in the present university—Suzhou University of Science and Technology, conducting such courses as Western and Chinese Translation Theories, Advanced English, Chinese-English Translation, English Graduation Thesis Writing, and Suzhou Gardens Appreciation as an English lecturer (2001-July, 2003), associate professor (August, 2003- July,2011) and professor(August, 2011-).

   In his decade-long teaching career and research work in this college, Mr. ZHANG has published quite a few translation works (Chinese) like The Last of the Mohicans by James F. Cooper (Changjiang Literature and Arts Publishing House, 2007), Career Development and Transition Services by Donn E. Brolin, & Robert J. Loyd (Jiangsu Education Press, Jiangsu, 2009), and The Short Essays of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (co-author, Sichuan Peoples Press, Jiangsu, 2011), as well as over a hundred articles home and abroad, including about 50 academic papers, of which around 15 are published in such major translation magazines as Chinese Translation Journal, Shanghai Journal of Translators, Chinese Science & Technology Translators Journal and Translatio. His research currently covers Translation, English Education, and Education Philosophy. ZHANG also has won many honors in translation and teaching for his great contributions to teaching and academic achievements such as a third prize in the 14th National Youth Translation Competition(ranking No.4) for Chinese-English translation, a second prize in the 15th National Youth Translation Competition(ranking No.1) for English-Chinese translation, the Excellent Academic Award of Journal of Suzhou University of Science and Technology in 2008, a third prize in the 10th Suzhou Municipal Government Philosophy l and Social Science Awards in 2009, the Excellent Guiding Teacher at the Yilin Cup English Writing Competition for Jiangsu Colleges and Universities in 2010 and the Excellent Guiding Teacher of Suzhou University of Science and Technology for College StudentsResearch Activities.

   ZHANG has so far guided many students to win them lots of honors in writing, translation and research. His favorite translation is the English version of the school motto: Aim High With Will, Probe Far For Truth.